We build your team & help you manage it all.

Our state-of-the-art office is located in Tower Financial Center in the heart of Panama City, Panama. 

Our educated and experienced staff is a full 1 to 1 replacement offering a true staffing solution.  

Our experienced management team is here to support our client and their growth. 

Ensuring a seamless and head-ache free growth.  



We take the time to understand your business so we can provide the right talent and customized solutions enabling you to achieve your business goals.

We understand that finding talent right now is difficult and cumbersome.

Our recruiting team has a sophisticated process to finding unparallel talent that fits your specific needs.

Insignia commits to delivering US based clients with highly-qualified employees located in our Panama office. We help you identify the right talent for your team, implement your process and manage everything else.

While we help you find the talent, they are your full-times.



The Panama office is located in the Tower Financial Center and boasts of beautiful city views. All talent are highly trained professionals in their fields
We offer competitive salaries and benefits and reward excellence.



We work together with your team to get a full understanding of your business and it’s specific needs. We learn all your workflows and processes. We train all employees to ensure a seamless transition onto your team. We pride ourselves on finding you the right talent and managing them – so you don’t have to. Focus on running and expanding your business – leave the rest to Insignia.  

Our highly experienced recruiting team can source, screen, on-board & train your employees within days. Our sophisticated process allows you to take on growth at a rapid speed with no commitment.  


We are able to help our clients fill vacant positions and build teams by increasing their talent pool. The US has limited resources and talent available right now.  

We are providing our clients access to a new experienced talent pool. We match their open US positions with employees in our Panama office. 

We are providing access to a new pool of talent to our clients. By finding them experienced Panamanian our clients are able to build teams and accomplish goals at lower costs.  

We take pride in becoming a part of your team. We are fully aware of your needs as you grow. We take full responsibility for you meeting your goals and metrics.  

We believe communication is the key to success and are available when you need us. The lines of communication between us and our clients are always open. We’re available to answer questions, receive feedback and implement changes in real-time. We supply timely and accurate information and provide the highest degree of customer service. 

We’re 100% transparent to customers. You’ll know exactly who is servicing your business needs and when. Clients have full access to and authority over assigned team members, who serve as a direct extension of in-house teams. 


Let us help you with:

Sourcing & recruiting


On boarding


HR, benefits, tax, payroll

Ongoing management for team members

Assistance with productivity and project management

Open communication anytime

Client support


We help you build a team of talent to fit all your staffing needs.


Some of the industries and positions we help source are:





Data Entry


Information Technology